Affordable Housing Development Opportunities

Eatontown, NJ - Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. (Matrix). is one of the preeminent firms in New Jersey providing a full range of planning, engineering, survey, and allied services for the development of projects containing affordable and mixed-income (inclusionary) housing.

We’re adept at identifying sites for affordable and mixed-income housing projects, navigating the complex affordable housing regulatory framework, and developing creative solutions to obtain project approvals and provide significant cost savings to our clients. Matrix will leverage its substantial experience and extensive network of government and private sector contacts to identify opportunities and provide an exceptional quality of service to meet your needs. Our expertise and resources will facilitate the achievement of the goals and vision for your project. More detailed information about our services and capabilities is provided below.

Affordable Housing Services
On March 10, 2015 the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously to return the enforcement of the constitutional requirement, imposed by the Mount Laurel doctrine, that municipalities must create realistic opportunities for the construction of low- and moderate-income housing to the courts. Municipalities must have filed declaratory actions indicating their participation in the court mandated compliance process by July 8, 2015 or risk exposure to builder’s remedy lawsuits. In addition, municipalities are anticipated to have up to five (5) months from that date, or until December 8, 2015, to prepare updated housing plan elements and fair share plans or once again risk exposure to builder’s remedy litigation.

The aggressive timeline for compliance and the powerful nature of builder’s remedy litigation as a tool to compel municipal compliance has created a tremendous opportunity for developers to construct residential projects on suitable properties in municipalities throughout N.J. Developers are also typically able to obtain substantial increases in density for projects that contain a 10-20% set-aside of affordable housing units. The time is now to evaluate and engage with municipalities of interest to discuss potential projects.

Matrix has extensive experience in providing a full range of planning, engineering, survey and related services for developers in many different market sectors, including the residential market sector. Our professionals have a detailed knowledge of the recent Supreme Court decision, applicable affordable housing regulations, Fair Housing Act, Uniform Housing Affordability Controls, affordable housing legislation, executive orders, and key historic court decisions and case law.

Matrix can facilitate housing development beginning with site selection, through the approval process and ultimately construction. We have enabled our clients to realize substantial cost savings and maximize profitability by leveraging our detailed regulatory and design knowledge to maximize the unit count and square footage of the projects we design while minimizing costs through identifying the most expedient pathway to attain project approvals. Matrix is a full service engineering firm which can leverage the extensive experience of its employees to meet and overcome any site development challenges.

A full list of our services is available upon request. In addition, as the preparation of a site suitability analysis for projects containing a set aside of affordable housing units is one the key recommended initial steps, a representative scope of services for a site suitability analysis is available upon request. Apartial list of services follows:

Services Provided
 Site Identification
 Affordable Housing Site Suitability Analysis
 Feasibility Studies/Constraints Mapping
 Housing Plan Element/Fair Share Plan Analysis
 Calculation of Third Round Affordable Housing Obligations
 Development Fee & Payment in Lieu Advisory Services
 Land Use & Zoning Analysis
 Land Development Advisory Services
 Redevelopment & Rehab Studies & Plans
 Ordinance Preparation & Rezoning
 Professional Planning Reports & Testimony
 Fiscal Impact Analysis
 Build-out Analysis
 Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony
 Full suite of allied services, including engineering, survey, environmental
    permitting, environmental remediation, traffic, geotechnical, landscape
    architecture and related services

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Formed in 1990, Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. provides a full range of services for residential, commercial, industrial, utility, and governmental development projects. We perform important, necessary, engineering work in the natural world and in man-made environments and we address some of the most critical and relevant issues of the day. We assist our partners in streamlining their processes, improving results, lowering costs, and together, moving civilization forward. Formed in 1990, Matrix is a leading woman-owned full-service engineering and environmental services firm. The Florham Park, NJ-based company has offices in Eatontown, New Jersey, as well as New York, Louisiana, Texas, California, and Arizona.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Van den Kooy, PP, AICP,
Sean Savage, PE, LEED AP,
732.588.2999, 800.747.MATRIX

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