Under the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Ecological Evaluation Guidance,
Only Experienced & Qualified Professionals
Can Complete Ecological Evaluations
& Ecological Risk Assessments

Florham Park, NJ - Licensed Site Remediation Professionals who provide consulting outside their area of expertise can be held liable under the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA). Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.’s (Matrix) experienced ecologists can assist you with the preparation of Ecological Evaluations (EEs) and Ecological Risk Assessments (ERAs) to avoid potential liability issues.

On August 29, 2012, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection released their second version of the Ecological Evaluation Technical Guidance. Both versions of the Guidance provide the general “how-to” for performing EEs. Investigators performing EEs must be experienced in the use of techniques and methodologies for performing ERA in accordance with USEPA Guidance.

Matrix offers the complete range of services related to EEs and ERAs. Our professionals possess the requisite education, training and experience (more than 20 years) to properly conduct EEs or ERAs in accordance with NJDEP guidance. Matrix’s professionals have performed many EE/ERAs in various states to comply with state and/or federal requirements. We have prepared work plans and executed ERAs that have involved terrestrial, wetland and aquatic habitats. We have designed and conducted ERAs that included habitat/community assessments, plant and animal tissue sampling, macro-invertebrate assessment, plant community analysis, bioassay testing, food chain modeling and have extensive experience selecting and developing data for representative background conditions.

Matrix’s staff is very familiar with addressing the bio-availability of metals, pesticides, PCBs and PAHs. Our staff has used AVS-SEM (acid-volatile sulfide-sequential extraction method), total organic carbon, hardness corrections and grain size analysis analytical results to make accurate assessments of ecological risk based on bio-availability. We have designed simple and complex sampling programs with data quality objectives that align with the ecological risk related issues. Decision making is based on a strong, scientific weight of evidence approach, including work plans with a conceptual site model and defined decision criteria, so that all interested parties may logically follow and understand the EE/ERA Risk Management Decision process.

Formed in 1990, Matrix is a leading woman-owned full-service engineering and environmental services firm. Matrix is working on a wide range of restoration, infrastructure, building and environmental projects for public and private-sector clients throughout the United States. The Florham Park, New Jersey-based company has offices throughout New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Delaware, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, California, and Arizona.

If you would like additional information regarding Matrix’s EE/ERA experience or our qualifications please email
Derron L. LaBrake, PWS at

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