Matrix Has Expertise in Climate Change Resiliency & Restoring Coastal Wetlands


Florham Park, NJ - Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. (Matrix) has extensive experience and expertise in climate change resiliency, disaster response, and restoring coastal wetlands that have been degraded by major weather events, man-made pollution, and resource mismanagement.

The technical name for this type of project is ‘living shoreline creation’. Living shorelines are created by using natural material such as oysters, grass, and other shell material instead of using rock and concrete. Where feasible, these projects are environmentally sustainable and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Every year there is up to 10-15 feet of erosion, and this is happening all along the Jersey coast where there’s sea level rise and other man-made effects occurring; and then a superstorm like Sandy, or any other kind of weather event just makes the problem worse.

The 'Gulf' and 'Bay Saver Bag' technology was developed by our friends at Restore the Earth Foundation. They developed the project in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, to help with coastal restoration in Louisiana. The advantage of using the bag is that it provides stability for the grass until the roots can take hold by reducing wave energy from wind and storms. The bags are made of biodegradable material and staked down using wood and bamboo. Matrix has utilized these innovative restorative bags on several projects in Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, as well as in New Jersey.

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Formed in 1990, Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. provides a full range of services for residential, commercial, industrial, utility, and governmental development projects. We perform important, necessary, engineering work in the natural world and in man-made environments and we address some of the most critical and relevant issues of the day. We assist our partners in streamlining their processes, improving results, lowering costs, and together, moving civilization forward. Formed in 1990, Matrix is a leading woman-owned full-service engineering and environmental services firm. The Florham Park, NJ-based company has offices in Eatontown, New Jersey, as well as New York, Louisiana, Texas, California, and Arizona.

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