National Environmental Engineering Firm Expands Services to Fight Toxic Mold
that Poses Health Threat to Sandy Victims

Florham Park Based Matrix New World Engineering Announces Expanded Mold Remediation Capabilities

Florham Park, New Jersey - Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. (Matrix) announced that their Hazardous Materials Group has expanded its scope of specialized environmental services to include microbial investigations, remediation design and project oversight/post remediation clearance.

In the months after Superstorm Sandy hit the eastern coast of the United States, New York and New Jersey health officials are warning that toxic mold may be growing on contaminated building materials and/or voids that may be hidden from view. Although molds are common in our natural environment, mold and storm related bacteria become a problem when contamination is identified within building systems and home environments.

As the area continues to recover and rebuild from Superstorm Sandy, mold, bacteria and Category 3 water contamination have become a significant issue for many area homeowners, contractors and property managers alike. Water infiltration from tidal surge, flood waters, sewage back-ups and building envelope damage (leaking and damaged roofs, windows and siding) have increased our sensitivity to potential mold growth, and the possible health hazards that often accompany these types of contaminants. Construction activities associated with properties/structures impacted by the storm are often tied to pre-restoration remediation efforts necessary to identify and decontaminate affected areas and building materials.

In response to this increased sensitivity, this expansion of services allows Matrix to provide Certified Microbial Investigators (CMI) to evaluate building conditions specific to mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria in order to identify those areas where it is visually apparent and apply those findings to the building sciences related to restoration efforts.

Dennis Petrocelli, PG, Senior Vice President of Matrix, stated, “The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy has shown us that there is a need for competently trained professionals proficient in the evaluation and building assessments related to microbial contamination, as well as the required steps necessary to remediate these conditions in a cost and project efficient manner.”

Matrix New World Engineering, Inc., formed in 1990, is a full-service environmental and engineering firm that has significant experience in the identification, assessment and remediation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Matrix is currently preforming similar microbial investigation and remediation design work for NJ Transit at their Hoboken Ferry Terminal and Rail Yard; as well as multiple private and municipal properties throughout New York and New Jersey.

For more information on the firm, contact Gavin Gilmore at 800.747.MATRIX,

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