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Matrix has been involved in a number of exciting projects. It has used its laser scanning at the Statue of Liberty, protected wildlife at various oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and even helped rebuild the region after Superstorm Sandy. Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning full service environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering firm. It is recognized as a leader in providing multi-disciplinary solutions to its diverse client base, which includes but is not limited to commercial and industrial properties, architects and engineers. In this Q & A, Dennis Petrocelli, Senior Vice President of Matrix, chats with us about the tough economy, client relations and the importance of research and development.

What inspired the founding of Matrix in 1990?
The idea of starting our own company came while working on a project in Northern New Jersey in the late 1980’s. As a part of a larger consulting firm, it was difficult to ensure that the standards we expected to provide our clients were met. Eventually, it came time to break away from the large consulting firms and create a niche organization that would provide the highest quality work product to our clients.

Any specific challenges you are most proud of overcoming when establishing the company?
The last four years have been difficult for everyone economically. Matrix is proud that since 2009, we have doubled in size, opened several new offices, moved into a new headquarters, and avoided any kind of layoff. Having an early focus on flexibility within our company has helped us survive many of the ups and downs that cause other companies to close their doors.

What is the company attitude towards client relations?
Clients are everything to us. A vast majority of our projects are from repeat clients. Maintaining a level of honesty, integrity, and reliability that is above and beyond the expectations of our clients is critical to nurturing the relationships we have been building for over twenty years.

How does the company’s involvement in construction management, project management and project design teams put you ahead of the competition?
We are lucky to have so many interconnected, but different fields represented in our office, and our company as a whole. This really allows us to not only excel in one specific area, but to have input from other experts on the work that takes place before we start on a project and what we may have to recommend for work following the completion of our tasks. Regardless of the size of a project, we can look at it from many different angles and manage it much more efficiently than other consultants.

The company’s civil engineering services offer a wide range. What aspects are you most proud of? We are incredibly proud of all of our civil projects because they improve environments. Something as minor as signage for a private client can increase the chances for their success as a business. And our larger projects can change entire neighborhoods. We know the places we work extremely well, and we take pride in making those places better.

How heavily is the company involved in research and exploration?
Many of our projects have been presented at conferences because they are the first of their kind. Matrix teams with a variety of non-profit and research groups across the country pioneering new methods of environmental redevelopment. The research and development that Matrix is involved in composes the vast majority of our pro-bono work, allowing us to learn new methods and provide our expertise to organizations that otherwise would not have such a strong and knowledgeable firm on their team.

For more information on the firm, contact Dennis Petrocelli at 800.747.MATRIX,

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