Talk of the Town: Using Actual Data
for Water Use Makes Sense

The Daily Courier, Posted May 9, 2017
By the Central Arizona Partnership, with Analysis provided by James Holt of Southwest Groundwater, a division of Matrix New World Engineering.

The success of complex regulatory programs requires the implementation of policies that are driven and supported by high-quality data. The Prescott City Council will review and discuss a staff recommendation to modify its policy regarding the allocation of residential water for new subdivisions requiring alternative water supply.
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Matrix Provides Smart Engineering Solutions for NJ Affordable Housing
Globe St. Real Estate (online), Posted April 5, 2017
By Steve Lubetkin

Affordable housing has been a lightning rod
for controversy across New Jersey for more than three decades, but Matrix New World Engineering, a multi-discipline engineering firm is helping real estate developers efficiently navigate the complexities of New Jersey’s affordable housing puzzle.
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3D Laser Surveying Services Expanded
Civil + Structural Engineer (online), Posted February 28, 2017
By Bob Drake

High-definition surveying – often called 3D laser surveying or 3D scanning – is the newest industry standard for making precise measurements that can rapidly be turned into computer models, engineering or architectural drawings, or survey documents.Matrix now has five survey teams skilled in laser scanning technologies and software, and able to gather precise data essential to create high-quality 3D models customized to fit virtually any clients’ need.
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Matrix Expands Its 3D Laser
Surveying Services, Posted February 23, 2017

Matrix is solidifying its position as a full-service industry leader by expanding it high-definition surveying services for its broad spectrum of clients. 3D laser surveying or 3D scanning is the newest industry standard for making precise measurements that can rapidly be turned into computer models, engineering or architectural drawings, or survey documents.
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Matrix Helps Sink a Ship for Artificial Reef
Civil + Structural Engineer (online), Posted February 7, 2017
By Bob Drake

Matrix’s expertise proved invaluable to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Artificial Reef Program, ensuring that the cargo ship Kraken — recently sunk 67 miles off the Galveston coast — was free of environmental hazards and safe to support coral, fish, sea turtles and other aquatic life.
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Triple Play: How N.J. is Becoming
More Resilient: Matrix V.P., Posted January 29, 2017
By Andrew Raichle, P.E.

Its been more than four years since New Jersey discovered it was exceptionally vulnerable to coastal storm events, when Hurricane Sandy hit the state, causing $75 billion in damage to the region. This “new normal” demands a drastic change in thinking.
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Matrix VP: Responding to Climate Change Creates a New Industry
Civil + Structural Engineer (online), Posted January, 2017
By Andrew Raichle, P.E.

Technical disciplines such as coastal engineering and flood-resistant architecture have now
become a “must-have” discipline for any full-service company. The warning
shot for our region was Hurricane Katrina. There is a lot of work to do.
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Matrix VP: 8 Keys to Mitigating
Flooding Risks

Claims Magazine (online), Posted March 1, 2016
By Andrew Raichle, P.E.

The foundation of flood damage
prevention efforts lies at the local level,
and a number of relatively low-cost solutions exist to reduce flood damages and associated claims. Here are eight practical ways to reduce the impact of the next major flood event.
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Matrix VP: A Year of Big Ideas –
The Nation is Looking to Engineers

Civil + Structural Engineer (online), Posted December, 2015
By Andrew Raichle, P.E.

It is an exciting time to be an engineer in the United States. There is clearly an increased awareness of our place in the world. The nation is looking to engineers to make its will a reality, and our business marketplace will reflect this challenge in 2016.
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Matrix VP Andrew Raichle Discusses Hurricane Joaquin & Coastal Resiliency
Time Magazine (online), Posted October 1, 2015
By Justin Worland

Andrew Raichle, Vice President of Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. (Matrix), was quoted extensively in an article published October 1st on Time’s website about the progress that the East Coast, specifically New York and New Jersey, is making to protect itself from hurricanes.
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Matrix Vice-President Discusses Expert Cleanup of Contaminated Property
North American Builders Magazine, Posted Summer, 2014
By David Eareckson, PE

Matrix New World Engineering, Inc. follows a special protocol that builds in cost savings and value engineering at every stage of the cleanup.
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Matrix Senior Scientist Touts New Technology in Barnegat Bay Marsh Restoration, Posted April 21, 2014
By Joshua Burd

The Florham Park-based engineering firm is spearheading a project to restore a stretch of marshland along the Barnegat Bay, part a program that environmentalists hope will create a long-term, lower-cost solution for reversing coastal erosion.
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Matrix Vice President Guides Companies Through Troubled Waters, Posted March 26, 2014
By Jane Bellmyer

Lawrence Malizzi, PG, Vice President
of Matrix New World Engineering, was profiled in Cecil Whig, a regional news site, for his leadership in a groundbreaking coastal marsh shoreline restoration pilot project in the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Maryland.
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Cleaning Up After Sandy – Recovering Waterway Debris at the Jersey Shore
The Military Engineer, March-April 2014 issue
By Andrew Raichle, P.E., M.SAME

Andrew Raichle is Director of Marine Services and Coastal Resiliency at Matrix New World Engineering Inc., a partner of Crowder Gulf Inc. in the Waterway Debris Cleanup contract.

In New Jersey’s most recreationally active and environmentally sensitive waterways, Superstorm Sandy’s storm debris was removed expeditiously
and with state-of-the-art detection techniques to
prevent further environmental and economic losses.
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'On Site with'
Matrix New World Engineering

North American Builders Magazine
'On Site' Feature

North American Builder
Matrix has been involved in a number of exciting projects. It has used its laser scanning at the Statue of Liberty, protected wildlife at various oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and even helped rebuild the region after Superstorm Sandy. In this Q & A, Dennis Petrocelli, Senior Vice President of Matrix, chats with us about the tough economy, client relations and the importance of research and development.
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On the State of "The State of The Meadowlands Economy"
Reginal Economic Development, Meadowlands USA Special Feature
By Rich Fritzky

Dennis Petrocelli, Senior Vice President of Matrix Worldwide Engineering said, "The northeast part of this country is a hotbed of growth and building opportunities. With the economy starting to rebound and budgets opening up—I see the outlook for the Meadowlands region to be very positive for sustained and continued growth."
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Engineers Scan Lady Liberty
Civil Engineering Magazine
By Sharon Boranyak

Civil Engineering Magazine
High-definition, 3-D, laser-scanning technology was used to survey the Statue of Liberty's interior conditions as part of an extensive life and safety upgrade project.
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A Safety Makeover for Lady Liberty
Point of Beginning
By Christine L. Grahl

Point of Beginning
Laser scanning provides valuable data in the $27.25 million renovation of the universal symbol of freedom.
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World Trade's rebuild bigger than the bids
NJ Biz
New Brunswick, NJ - May 16, 2011

Point of Beginning
"Working on the World Trade Center was interesting and unique…I think it helped our company's reputation," said senior vice president Dennis Petrocelli.
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Matrix New World Engineering
Building & Development,
Meadowlands USA Special Feature

Unlike most other firms throughout the region, Matrix New World, a East Hanover based full-service engineering firm, has not been impacted by two years of economic downturn.
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Brownfield Redevelopment is a Key Element in Building Strong Local Economies in NJ
Special Focus: Environmental Business
By Jayne Warne, PE, President

Matrix completed the various permit applications and obtained approvals for the project, including an NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Permit...
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Matrix Grows AZ
Environmental Group
with Project Geologist

Matrix AZ Office Hires
Environmental Group
Project Engineer

Matrix Expands Site
Remediation Group
with Staff Scientist

Matrix Grows Land
Development Group
with Survey Crew Chief

Matrix Provides
Water Data Analysis
in Courier Article

Matrix Hires Staff
Scientist for Site
Remediation Group

Matrix Discusses NJ
Affordable Housing
in Globe St.

Matrix Hires New
Project Manager for
LDS Civil Group

Matrix Expands
Site Remediation
Group in NJ

Matrix VP in CSE:
Expanded 3D Laser
Surveying Services

Matrix VP in NJBIZ:
How NJ is Becoming
More Resilient

Matrix Builds
Applied Engineering
Group in New jersey

Matrix VP in CSE:
Climate Change
Creates New Industry

Matrix Expands
Marine Services
in Gulf Region

One Matrix Family
Especially Grateful
this Holiday Season

Matrix Expands Data
Technology Capability
in Southwest Region

Matrix Hire Expands
Industrial Wastewater
Treatment Services

Matrix Assists Creation
of Reef Habitat with
Sunken Ship Cleanup

Matrix Grows National
Industrial Water
Treatment Services

Matrix Handles NJ
Building Site Cleanup
of Contamination

Matrix Hires Leader
in Industrial Processes
& Client Programs

Matrix Builds National
Industrial Processes
Group with Hires

Matrix Expands Site
Remediation Group
in NJ Office

Matrix Hires New
Land Survey Services